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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Telefox Disco Service Fall 2010 report

For your listening / downloading / burning pleasure....

I proudly present my newest continuous disco mix, the Telefox Disco Service Fall 2010 report. I must confess this is not a vinyl mix, but a mix done on decades old pirated software, constructed lovingly by me for an imaginary party Tom Moulton style - there's something to be said about a premix....

Please feel free to share with any disco heads, you know...


African Suite - pygmy
African Suite - grass
Taana Gardner - work that body
Sweet Potato Pie - hot disco night
Mouzon's Electric Band - everybody get down
Arpadys - monkey star
El Coco - cocomotion parts 1 & 2
Blue Danube Hustle acetate 1978 Paul Jay
Sylvester - over and over
Cloud One - stomp your feet
Frenesi Disco Queen acetate 1978 Rick Gianatos
Eruce acetate 1978 Francois Kevorkan
Chocolat - african chocolat (Pat Les Stache edit)
Macho - I'm a man
the Ring - savage lover

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Commercials, Disco Style

several discofied commercials from back in the glory days...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I want to be a MACHO!

Since I'm not off to the running start I'd prefer to be at, I'm reposting some older entries of mine related to Disco. Here is one of them now!

I am what I am

Of special note on my turntable for the last few days is (gasp) the Village People. Not only that, but "Macho Man". Could I get any less underground? Has Telefox finally lost his marbles? Please hold all queries and comments until the end of the presentation. The Management thanks you....

So let me back pedal / spin the story a bit....
Sometimes I don't think people believe me that I've been collecting records since about the age of 5 but it's absolutely the truth. My father was a musician and avid vinyl collector, and was more than happy to share his love of sound with me as a young one. By the age of 3 he had me behind a drum set with headphones on, learning to play along with beats, something I most definately feel affected my love of dance music and djing and all that goes with the world of rythm. Around 5 years old, I was spending a good deal of time listening to my father's records, my favorites of the day being Steve Miller's "fly like an eagle" (the LP version with the 'space intro', let's be real), Alan Parsons Project "I robot", Gerry Rafferty "baker street", and absolutely the whole of the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour". I would play these records over and over, driving my mother insane on a daily basis. I quickly moved on to a love for KISS and Cheap Trick, and between my parents and grandparents, started my collecting at this time. Also at this time were my first DISCO records, the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, the first couple Village People records, and perhaps the most 'unbelievable' for my naysayers, Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express" which I must have picked up from television, but I LOVED the whole album and listened to it relentlessly.

Many of the records I loved at 5, I still love today. So it is not odd that I do still pull out my Village People records every so often, not for the love of disco or for any hipster gay notions, but for the fact that I've been listening to these damn records for over 30 years now. So anyways....I pulled out the "Macho Man" LP the other night as it had been some time, and I really wanted to hear the 'macho man / I am what I am' medley. I still think these 2 tracks are just essential in disco terms, more so now as my disco knowledge continually grows. I feel so fortunate that even at such a young age, I became accustomed to the medley or "mix" format. And it wasn't just me, I remember playing with friends at 6, 7, 8 years old, we would listen to records all the time. I remember us all being keenly aware of the excellent percussive segue between the two tracks, and I also remember us dropping the needle towards the end of "I am what I am" several times in one listening so we could enjoy the rush of flanged and phased goodness that occurs near the end of the track. I remember us all doing this often with Meco's version of "Close Encounters if the 3rd Kind" disco record back then as well, sadly I still don't own the Meco record (I have every other freakin one!!).
I look back at these things, and the similar effect of 'trans Europe Express / metal on metal', of the endless days of Saturday Night Fever (especially the MFSB and Walter Murphy tracks, yes I swear these were the ones I was drawn to early), and a year or 2 later being enraptured by Amii Stewart, Sylvester, Giorgio and Donna etc. When anyone questions my undying love for disco and dance, I realize this has been my LIFE. I've always been into this, it just took me til almost 37 years old to recognize that I keep coming back to square one. All the more reason that next time I run into Felipe Rose (the Indian from the Village People) around Asbury Park, I am definately going to ask for an interview with him, and I will have him sign any number of VP souveniers in my arsenal. And ask him the REAL questions that we want to know...same goes for Shep Pettibone, it kills me sometimes that I have access to these people, legends really, and I don't utilize the gift.

Anyhow, I suggest you take a listen to "Macho Man / I am what I am", especially if all you've know is a 3 minute single played awkwardly at sports events or on commercials. You should hear the extended goodness I've known and loved since 1978. If you are gay you should definately pay it some respect because both tracks are landmarks in that world. Try to hear it with un-informed ears, release notions of comedy, and just hear the tremendous Jacques Morali wall of disco sound.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Telefox goes downtown 1981


I was going to kick off the posts with a brief history of me and who I am and the more I thought about it, the more contrived it all became. Long story short, my name is Eric, on the internet better known as Telefox (if you'd like to know why just ask). I am a music obsessive (as well as a hundred tangents from candy to movies to cults as you will see). I've been collecting records for over 30 years, records of all types. I've had just about every type of job you can have in the club and nightlife world, through scene after countless scene, from DJ to bartender to coat check to blah blah blah....Blogspot will officially be the 5th home and incarnation of my everchanging journal, the Cotton Candy Farm. It has existed in one form or another since 1998, and doesnt have any clear cut direction. There is alot of disco for sure. If you are interested in older links, just ask me as well, I'll point you in the direction of my past if you are so inclined.

To kick off the new page, I've posted my latest mix for y'all to download / stream / absorb. It's called "Telefox goes downtown 1981", and is a mix of post-disco and proto-house, heavily influenced by Larry, Tony & Shep. I'm no technical wizard, its all about the vibe for me. Add in a few effects and tweaks and there you have it. Please feel free to download and share and link me and whore me, just give me the credit ya dig? Also be on the lookout for Volume II of this mix coming very soon. I hope you enjoy! Link to download, and tracklisting below;

Central Line - walking into sunshine
Rockers Revenge - dubbing in sunshine
Rockers Revenge - walking on sunshine
Methusalem - robotism
Jupiter Beyone - river drive (dj edit)
Capricorn - pow pow pow
Afrodesiac Soundsystem - ckmann vs sghgang
Steinski & Mass Media - we'll be right back
Man Parrish - heatstroke
Patrick Cowley - primitive world (telefox remix of someones edit)
Midnight Star - freakazoid

(please note for the sticklers, as a complete music snob and infofreak, I'm fully aware that some of these tracks were made after 1981, just being real, haters....)

So anyhow, welcome to my scene if you are new, welcome back if you've been following me all these years, like Bartles & James, we thank you for your support!