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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Telefox Disco Service Fall 2010 report

For your listening / downloading / burning pleasure....

I proudly present my newest continuous disco mix, the Telefox Disco Service Fall 2010 report. I must confess this is not a vinyl mix, but a mix done on decades old pirated software, constructed lovingly by me for an imaginary party Tom Moulton style - there's something to be said about a premix....

Please feel free to share with any disco heads, you know...


African Suite - pygmy
African Suite - grass
Taana Gardner - work that body
Sweet Potato Pie - hot disco night
Mouzon's Electric Band - everybody get down
Arpadys - monkey star
El Coco - cocomotion parts 1 & 2
Blue Danube Hustle acetate 1978 Paul Jay
Sylvester - over and over
Cloud One - stomp your feet
Frenesi Disco Queen acetate 1978 Rick Gianatos
Eruce acetate 1978 Francois Kevorkan
Chocolat - african chocolat (Pat Les Stache edit)
Macho - I'm a man
the Ring - savage lover

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